20+ Years of Experience

IT2Rescue has grown up in the computer industry.  Starting on XT
computer with 5 meg hard drives, and 64K of RAM, we've seen lots of
changes in the industry.  We've had to grow as the industry has
grown to keep its customers ahead of their competition.  

Some of the IT services we can provide for  you are:
Server 2012/2008/2007/2003
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL Server
Desktop Services
Our philosophy is to empower you

Nothing we do at IT2Rescue is magic.  Yes, it's taken us years to
learn all we know, but it's not magic.  We want you to know and
understand what we're doing on your computer systems.  If we can
empower you to handle the day to day issues that arise with
computers, then we can both grow our businesses.

Microsoft Certified

All of our technicians have Microsoft certifications.  This allows us to
stay current with new technologies and help better meet your needs.

Our Clients and Geographical Area

Running along 183 from Austin to Gonzales Tx we service all types of
customers. Our typical customers are from 3 - 15 servers and up to
200 workstations.